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Based right here in New York City, our outsourced IT services are designed to meet the different needs of your organization with per-seat pricing that scales as you grow and experts to address any of your IT requirements on demand.

What Are Outsourced IT Services in NYC?

Our outsourced IT services in NYC handles all of the responsibilities that you would otherwise rely on an in-house IT team to perform. Arium provides:

At Arium, we make it possible to outsource any of the various IT services that your business relies on, all available on demand with competitive, clear per-seat pricing and expert service.


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What are the Benefits of Local Outsourced IT Services?

You and your customers have demanding IT requirements that may change over time. Yet, very few businesses need an in-house team to address those IT needs, nor can they afford to put existing engineers on the task with all the other duties that need to be completed.

As a local IT outsourcing firm in NYC, Arium offers significant advantages that make working with Arium the best choice for your outsourced IT service needs. These include:


Contractual Terms

New York IT consulting services for competitive rates.

We use a per-seat pricing model that is all-inclusive, including hardware. We scale to your business, so that you have transparent, predictable pricing as your business grows.


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Managed IT services through Arium provide you access to the latest and most robust computing solutions for troubleshooting issues without the training and onboarding time you would have for networking, security, and other challenges managed in-house. We are locally-based as well, which means you can have a response in 30 minutes or less and we can come to your office if needed.

Better Management of Uptime

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With state of the art technology, relationships with many vendors, and engineers who have worked in IT for decades, Arium is a team of problem solvers. We know we can keep technology services running and offer uptime guarantees to support your ongoing work.

Top Outsourced IT Services in NYC - Additional Offerings

IT support services from Arium provide fast and reliable troubleshooting for any issue you have with the technology your company uses. A 30-minute response time and experience with all of the different systems can minimize any downtime.

As an MSP in NYC, Arium can manage all of your IT needs, from implementation to management to future upgrades.

IT consulting in NYC takes the responsibility for research out of your hands. Arium can provide recommendations for new software, functional upgrades, and security fixes that are right for your business.

Arium makes the process of implementing or upgrading to new software simple as we handle research, conversations with vendors, installation, and more.

Considerations for Selecting an Outsourced IT Services Firm in New York

Outsourced IT services are meant to be a long term partnership, so it is important that you feel confident that the NYC IT company you are choosing understands your goals and has the services, knowledge, and capabilities to help you meet those goals both now and in the future.

At Arium, we rely on our years of experience, comprehensive services, and friendly team to offer the best outsourced IT services in NYC for SaaS companies, VCs, and other local businesses.

But we know you also have other options and are focused on finding the one that best aligns with your company. These recommendations will help you select an IT MSP who can offer the range of services you need at a competitive price.

Assess Current IT Systems

Potential IT outsourcing providers should conduct an assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, software, and security, including how you are using these components and any challenges you may have.

Request an Audit of Your Current Systems

An audit by Arium provides our recommendations for existing and future IT needs for your business with a report that shows you how we expect our services to help you meet your goals.

Consider Scalability and Flexibility

With adaptive and forward thinking technologies, per-seat pricing, and experience working with businesses ranging from one person startups to large corporations, Arium can grow with your business by delivering the exact services you need and adding on when necessary.

Increase productivity and eliminate headaches

Learn how ARIUM can give you back hours in your team’s day. You’ll be drinking a craft brew, feet on desk, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Can Our Outsourced IT Services Firm in NYC Help with Compliance?

A significant role for any IT professional today is digital security – meeting current and anticipated security standards. As your outsourced IT provider, we can perform an audit of your existing security protocols. If we find any areas where you may not meet the required standards, we can provide cost effective recommendations for bringing your company into compliance with our cybersecurity expertise.

You can also rely on us to implement any necessary changes and keep you up to date on compliancy moving forward.

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How Arium Helps Companies in NYC with our Outsourced IT Services

Arium is the NYC IT outsourcing firm that businesses like yours trust for personalized, on demand IT services. Our IT services for SaaS companies, technology solutions for VCs, and comprehensive options for companies of all sizes and in all stages of development enable us to meet all your IT requirements.

Our extensive list of trusted vendors includes Ubiquiti for network stack, Jumpcloud for accounting and device management, EagleEye for access control and security, and Synology for servers. Our relationships with vendors gives you access to leading IT products and solutions through our team to make procurement and installation simple and prices competitive.

Any IT services outsourced to Arium are also managed at the highest possible security standards. We rely on encryption, 2FA, device tracking, and more, while also keeping our security stack updated with the latest security patches to ensure that all of your company’s information is safe from cybersecurity threats.

In addition to our state of the art technology solutions, you will also enjoy working with a team that is professional and personable when you rely on Arium for your outsourced IT services in NYC. Get in touch with us today at 212-882-1342 to learn how we provide the most value at the best price for IT services in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, NYC.

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