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  1. Schedule an onboarding call to assess your needs and determine how we can solve your IT issues and save you time and money.
  2. We build your ideal solution for a fixed monthly cost according to your usage. Design, installation, support, and maintenance are included. 
  3. You sign up for our service, and we deliver your solution in a scalable way, at a fixed monthly cost.

Flat rate per month, with no surprise billable hours

Unlimited support from a dedicated front line technician who knows you personally

30 minute response time via email, Teams, or Slack

Local to NYC, with fast on-site service

The complete IT solution from one vendor

Outsourced IT Support

IT helpdesk via Teams or Slack for the quickest response times. Proactive monitoring of all of your systems.

IT cloud services in new york

Wifi, servers, and cloud

Leased infrastructure and high performance servers that grow with you. Cloud for backups and where flexibility is needed.


Risk assessments, mitigation, and referral to licensed insurance brokers for dead-simple cyber insurance

Supported Technologies

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Meet The Team

For thirteen years, we have been committed to serving small businesses in the heart of Manhattan. Our team is composed of certified experts, bringing a perfect blend of technological competence and operational excellence to the table. With every project we handle, we ensure full insurance, providing our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Success Stories

AKA architects use Arium's redundant servers across offices for huge files, ensuring zero downtime. The team remotely accesses these servers for work.
We designed a high-end server workflow around Spacestation's core editing work, including dedicated 10 gigabit links to devices, a sharing portal for outside users, redundant network and power, and on-site and cloud backup.
We handle 100% of the computing burden at Triptent, from procurement to support. We remotely manage the company's devices as a fleet, managing policies, updates, and security.
Yousician needed a trusted partner to support their U.S.-based employees outside of Helsinki, Findland hours. Arium adopted Yousician's existing protocols, but performs onboards and handles troubleshooting on U.S. time.
Designed and installed a data network for use in the Williamsburg Savings Bank event venue without disturbing the aesthetic of the space. Network handles hundreds of wireless clients at blazing speed simultaneously.
Inter Immersive Art is a pioneering 4 dimensional art experience. We installed high density access points, cabling, and a 10-Gigabit capable router. We provide monitoring, updates, service, and support, so the system truly is touchless for Inter.
Gradient invested in building their own television studio for live broadcasting, powered by Arium's managed networking services. When Gradient needs to add new devices to their broadcast network, they simply contact Arium support.
Grailed needed an office for 120 people, with the latest tech, at warp speed. Arium leased Grailed everything from wifi and networking equipment to conferencing rooms, all with unlimited support and service.

Get back to business, leave the IT to us.

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