IT Procurement Services in New York

For IT procurement services in NYC, Arium can handle assessment, research, contract negotiation, ordering, installation, and more to keep your company running on the best available technology solutions.

What Does It Mean to Contract IT Procurement Services in New York?

You need software and hardware that caters to your business, meets your budget requirements and offers room for growth. Arium uses your specific business goals to acquire the hardware and software that enables you to provide services to your customers as well as the security components that keep all your data safe.


We also have the option for ongoing IT management to help you continue getting the most out of your information technology solutions.


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What are the Benefits of a Local IT Procurement Company Based in New York?

The reason why so many SaaS companies, VCs and other industries outsource their IT procurement is the simplicity of working with Arium. You know what you need to accomplish for your business to meet projections, and our experience and training in IT helps us identify the options that will make meeting those goals possible.



Efficient IT company in New York.

IT procurement from Arium also offers the benefit of efficiency. Experience makes it possible for us to work quickly to find, purchase, and install software without taking you or your employees away from other important tasks.

Better Management of Uptime

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We make recommendations for only the top rated IT solutions that we would feel comfortable using ourselves, and have them implemented quickly to give you the maximum amount of uptime for your hardware or software.

Tailored Solutions

New York IT consulting services for competitive rates.

Since we are working with your business goals in mind, we are able to identify options that meet your specifications and are within your budget, while our existing vendor relationships help you secure the best deals on up to date computing solutions.

Top IT Procurement in NYC Additional Service Offerings

IT support services from Arium provide on demand troubleshooting and IT assistance for local companies of all sizes.

Manage IT services in NYC make our company into your IT partner that is able to oversee all of the equipment and software your company is using.

Arium’s outsourced IT services in NYC are an affordable and reliable alternative to in-house IT while still offering the same level of dedicated service.

We offer IT consulting for businesses of any size and at any stage of growth to help you identify potential shortcomings with current IT systems and offer improvement solutions.

Considerations for Selecting an IT Procurement Firm in New York

Implementing any new technology for your businesses is a significant investment of time and money. It’s important that you’re getting the best hardware and software that will continue to benefit your organization for years to come.

This is only possible when you have an IT procurement company that both understands your needs and can provide essential expertise on the range of IT solutions available to your company. At Arium, we make sure you have what you need with no upfront cost, hardware and software included. When you’re looking to partner with a NYC IT procurement company, look for their experience with:


Hardware like computers, on site servers, point of sale systems, security access systems, and other solutions can significantly increase the capabilities of your business. Make sure that any IT procurement company you are considering has experience in selecting and managing any hardware solutions you need.


The extensive range of software options available for companies offers many alternatives. Discuss what software vendors your IT procurement company has relationships with and what industries they regularly work with.

Assess Current IT Systems

Any prospective company should assess your current IT usage with you, including how you use your systems to guide their suggestions during procurement.

Increase productivity and eliminate headaches

Learn how ARIUM can give you back hours in your team’s day. You’ll be drinking a craft brew, feet on desk, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Can IT Procurement Firms NYC Help with Compliance?

IT procurement can also help you meet any compliance requirements your business faces for digital security or other industry standards. We can identify the hardware or software that will keep your business in compliance with a focus on solutions that are available at a reasonable price.

With efficient purchasing and implementation timelines, we can also have new hardware or software implemented quickly for businesses that are up against any compliance related deadlines.

IT Procurement Firms NYC Compliance

How Arium Helps Companies in NYC with IT Procurement Services

The right software and hardware should make growing your business convenient and put you within reach of your business goals. But too often, companies are forced to compromise since there is not enough time to research options, specifications are not clear, or the leading options are out of your price range.

Arium can guarantee that you are always getting the right services for your needs. In our years of experience, we have worked with a variety of industries, including SaaS companies, VCs, and startups, giving us first hand knowledge of many of the leading technologies on the market.

Our relationships with multiple vendors also ensures that we can get the best price and contract terms for your new equipment with options that include network stack services from Ubiquiti, security and access control from EagleEye, storage server space from Synology, accounting with Jumpcloud, and many other major players in the IT space. We also continually assess and re-assess technology to make sure that it is always the best available.

With our focus on helping you meet your goals, we offer the most personalized recommendations and customizable services to help you with any part of the procurement process where you need additional support. Our team of engineers are experts in the technology you are using and can discuss audits, recommendations, specifications, and logistics in a way that is accessible.

With our guidance, you will feel confident you are making the best IT choices for your business. Get the process started by contacting us today at 212-882-1342.

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