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Arium is the top local company offering managed IT services and ongoing support that provides all of the cloud computing, data security, and other technological solutions your business needs to successfully compete in NYC and beyond.

What Does IT Support in New York Offer?

Arium provides affordable, ongoing IT support that makes it possible to address any need as it arises. We provide:

We remove the need for hiring and managing your own in-house IT team while still providing the same rapid response time.


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What are the Benefits of our Local IT Support Services in New York?

Our IT support services in NYC offer all of the same benefits as an internal IT staff, as well as many additional skills and capabilities. No matter what size business you manage, almost every company in NYC relies on a wide variety of technology. Keeping these systems functioning is essential to providing services to your customers. But there are many benefits to outsourcing IT support to a local IT company in NYC.

Arium IT support provides everything you need tn regards to technology as if we were your personal IT team. We quickly solve problems, but also anticipate challenges and maintain systems at top performance. Because we are local and have a team of knowledgeable engineering staff, we are also able to offer benefits that go beyond other IT support firms.


Upfront Pricing

We provide our pricing ahead of time. We use an all-inclusive pricing per seat model, no upfront costs, hardware and software included. Our pricing also predictably scales as you grow, making it easy to plan your budget ahead.


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Bringing on and training in-house IT staff takes time. Investing in new technology requires extensive research. Our IT support in NYC makes it possible to get started immediately with an expert team of engineers who already have experience working with these systems.

Better Management of Uptime

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We support our clients with the leading software, hardware, and server options for reliable uptime. If problems do arise, our NYC location means that our local team can understand your challenges quickly and implement a rapid fix, even coming to your offices if necessary.

Top IT Support New York Additional Service Offerings:

Arium’s IT consulting service assesses existing IT systems to identify challenges, room for growth, and security compliance. We then offer actionable steps for improvement.

Our managed IT services at Arium give you access to state of the art systems, all reliably managed by our team. With our IT management services, you will have the technology and engineers you need to grow your business and the freedom to focus on growth.

With our tailored services, we are able to manage any IT services you need, and are your source in NYC for dedicated services for VCs, SaaS companies, and more.

Arium can support you as your business grows and needs change by helping you find the equipment and software for sustainable and scalable growth, all within your budget.

Considerations for Selecting a IT Support Firm in New York

IT is an integral part of your company, and you want to know that your choice for IT support will be able to provide everything you need. With Arium’s IT support in NYC, you can rely on experts who can respond to questions within 30 minutes, have a specialization in digital security to protect your assets and your customers’ privacy, and offer flexible services with outstanding uptime and reliability – all while available when you need us most.

We are always able to discuss specific service requirements when you schedule a meeting with us, but there are also other considerations you will want to discuss with any IT support services providers to ensure that they truly understand your needs.

Assess Current IT Systems

Your IT support provider should assess what solutions you are currently using to determine if they are the best fit for your company, make sure they can effectively support all existing systems, and provide transparent pricing.

Request an Audit of Your Current Systems

At Arium, we provide an IT audit on the systems you are currently using to share what is working and where we see opportunities for growth. Any IT support firm you contract with should do the same.

Consider Scalability and Flexibility

You expect your business to grow. The IT team you hire needs to have the experience and up to date technological solutions to grow with you.

Increase productivity and eliminate headaches

Learn how ARIUM can give you back hours in your team’s day. You’ll be drinking a craft brew, feet on desk, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Can IT Support Firms in NYC Help With Compliance?

Arium is also able to help you stay current on all compliance rules. With increasing digital threats, there is extensive pressure to keep all of your IT systems secure and up to date.

We offer IT compliance consulting that can identify weak spots and offer effective and budget conscious solutions to promote security. Our additional services can assist you in procuring, installing, training, and ongoing support with new security software.

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How Arium Helps Companies in NYC with Our IT Support

Arium is an IT support company founded on the idea of helping businesses in NYC thrive with the right IT solutions. Throughout our years of experience, we have worked with many SaaS companies, VCs, and in a variety of other industries.

We are familiar with all the IT solutions and security options NYC businesses are using. We also have relationships with networking providers, cloud computing providers, accounting software vendors, servers solutions, access control and security systems to offer reliable support and competitive pricing on these hardware and software options. Some of the brands we regularly work with include

  • Ubiquiti
  • Jumpcloud
  • Synology
  • EagleEye
  • Brivo, and more.

If your business has needs beyond our standard IT solutions, we are problem solvers that can assist you in finding the best way to meet any requirements. Our friendly and responsive staff are dedicated to minimizing any hassle when it comes to technology. Our goal is to enable your business to grow with technology running almost seamlessly in the background supporting that growth. Our service areas include:




and more.

Talk to us today to learn more about our IT support service options and competitive prices that will help any business in NYC. Schedule your appointment online or call us at 212-882-1342.

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