Managed IT Services in Queens, NY with Arium

We are able to address all of your ongoing IT infrastructure needs, including management of existing hardware and software systems and personalized support to help your business make the IT decisions it needs to thrive.

What Managed IT Services Offer Your Queens Business

For organizations in Queens, our managed IT services can fulfill the role of an in-house IT department, for a better cost.

When you rely on Arium to manage your business’s infrastructure, you get:

At Arium, we can oversee one or more specific IT components, or be responsible for all of your technology needs.
Managed IT service in Queens, NY


Advantages of Queens Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can provide IT support that your current staff may not have the resources or capacity to manage, getting you access to all of the solutions you need. At Arium, we provide managed IT services in Queens that grow with you, capable of addressing the challenges your business faces today, tomorrow, and beyond. Some of the benefits of using Arium include:

Contractual Terms

With per seat pricing that grows with you and manageable terms, we make it easy to envision partnering with us in the long term.

Efficient IT Services

The scalability of our managed IT services is a major benefit. You receive all the benefits of a multi-person team at a fraction of the cost, and a capacity that will increase with you as you grow.

High Uptime

An experienced team, reliance on high quality products, and in depth security measures means that uptime for any services we manage is 99.8%.


Increase productivity and eliminate headaches

Learn how ARIUM can give you back hours in your team’s day. You’ll be drinking a craft brew, feet on desk, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Considerations for Contracting a Managed IT Services Provider

When hiring a managed IT services firm, you want to form a beneficial, long term relationship that supports your business in any industry and any stage of development. But knowing what to look for in an MSP in Queens can be challenging. At Arium, we make the decision easy. Based in NYC, we are able to offer:

  • Affordability – Managed IT is often one of the most affordable ways to provide IT support for your business, but you need to be sure the company still provides value. At Arium, our wide range of comprehensive services ensure that you are getting what your organization requires.
  • Responsiveness – Offshore managed IT and less reputable companies can often have a long response time, leaving you without a fix if something goes wrong.  At Arium, we almost always begin troubleshooting within 30 minutes, and – because we’re local – we can come and perform in-person services if applicable.
  • Security – We are also security compliance consultants and up to date on the latest in technology for both digital security and physical security.

It is also important to find a company familiar with the technology needs of your industry. Arium has worked with a variety of companies, including VCs, SaaS, B2B, B2C, finance, and more. We are also experienced in the leading hardware and software solutions for local businesses with vendor relationships with a range of brands.

best managed it service in Queens, NY
Managed IT company in Queens, NY, New York

Get Started with the Best Managed IT Services Company in Queens

Although we are a separate company, we align our IT services with your company’s goals by taking an active role in ensuring that your technology currently supports your business and provides room for  growth.

We also offer the additional services you may need such as IT support, outsourced IT, procurement, security compliance, IT consulting, and a range of other affordable solutions for businesses. Call us at 212-882-1342 to start the process.

Plans customized for you


  1. Schedule an onboarding call to assess your needs and determine how we can solve your IT issues and save you time and money.
  2. We build your ideal solution for a fixed monthly cost according to your usage. Design, installation, support, and maintenance are included.
  3. You sign up for our service, and we deliver your solution in a scalable way, at a fixed monthly cost.

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