Outsourced IT Services in Queens, NY with Arium

Arium handles your IT requirements and lets you refocus your business’s internal resources on future growth.

What Are Outsourced IT Services in Queens?

Our outsourced IT solutions can work independently or alongside existing in-house IT projects.

Arium gets you:

Outsourcing IT to Arium makes it possible for us to manage your IT infrastructure without relying on the time and resources necessary for an in-house staff.
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Benefits of a Local Outsourced IT Firm

Arium is a local company, and when you outsource your IT services to us, you are working with a business that understands your specific needs, communicates with you openly, and can come in-person to handle any challenges that require support. This is also what enables us to provide the greatest advantages for outsourced IT services, with additional benefits that include:

Manageable Contracts

Using per-seat pricing that scales with you, our contractual terms for outsourced IT services are built around your specific needs to deliver exactly what your business needs.

High Efficiency

We provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That support not only is available to respond fast (often in 30 minutes or less to any problems or questions) – we also take our knowledge to provide you with the IT infrastructure that will help you work more efficiently as well.

Strong Uptime Performance

When we manage your cloud computing, server, or network, our uptime ratio is 99.8%. You do not need to worry about downtime causing lost productivity or sales.


Increase productivity and eliminate headaches

Learn how ARIUM can give you back hours in your team’s day. You’ll be drinking a craft brew, feet on desk, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Keeping Your Business in Compliance with an Outsourced IT Firm in Queens

For security compliance, any IT company you are outsourcing to needs to have the same high standards of security as your company to protect your data and your customers’ information. At Arium, all of our outsourced services use the most comprehensive security measures. We are also experts in digital security and physical security, and can provide compliance consulting and outsourcing for any security services that you need to meet security requirements for your industry.

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How We Assist Queens Companies through IT Outsourcing

Technology is valuable for your company’s growth. Arium makes it possible for businesses in Queens to have the most advanced IT solutions for their businesses without additional work and at affordable prices.

With our experienced team, you can trust that your technology needs and processes are being effectively managed while you are able to focus on meeting your business projections and working towards future growth. Outsourcing services are one of many IT solutions we offer for businesses and Queens in addition to IT support, IT procurement, IT consulting, and managed IT services to meet all your information technology needs. Call us at 212-882-1342 to get started.

Plans customized for you


  1. Schedule an onboarding call to assess your needs and determine how we can solve your IT issues and save you time and money.
  2. We build your ideal solution for a fixed monthly cost according to your usage. Design, installation, support, and maintenance are included.
  3. You sign up for our service, and we deliver your solution in a scalable way, at a fixed monthly cost.

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