What is Arium?

Arium is a complete IT ecosystem for fast-growing companies at one predictable per-head price that scales as you grow. We are your single trusted vendor for everything from business-grade internet to device procurement and support. We support your entire tech stack, so you can set IT and forget IT!

What problems does Arium solve?

Fast-growing SaaS companies lack the time and focus needed to build a secure IT program. Product engineers, HR people, and even the CTO spend their valuable time considering basic IT needs. Their home-grown solutions lack characteristics of a true IT program:
As a single trusted vendor, Arium offers exactly the IT services that fast-growing SaaS companies need, done for you at a scalable monthly cost.


What’s Arium’s origin story?

Arium was founded over a decade ago, out of an NYU dorm. Originally named JS Technology Group, after founder Joseph Stornelli, it was a hub for affordable technology repair on campus. The business transitioned from customer-facing to business-centric, and introduced a subscription model in 2019.

Arium introduced its unified internet-to-desktop model after noticing the criticality of the entire tech stack in delivering great service. It specialized in SaaS companies, which typically run cloud applications, so that the focus remains on a strong backbone rather than on industry-specific software.


Who is Arium for?

Arium is designed from the ground up for growing SaaS companies operating primarily on the Mac platform. These companies rely mostly on cloud applications such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Slack, which benefit from always-on internet and fast problem resolution. They also grow fast, supported by Arium’s scalability and predictable per-head pricing.

Why else is Arium aligned with SaaS companies?

Arium’s ten-year mission is to provide more than just a reliable IT backbone. Our founder is active in the venture space, connecting startups with capital, advisory services, and support.

When you partner with Arium, you onboard a true advocate for growth and success, in the IT realm and beyond.

What services does Arium offer?

We designed Arium’s suite of services to cover scalability and security in IT through a single vendor. Our core service is IT – internet to device. We bring a business-grade dedicated internet connection, redundant and secure networking, and device procurement, management, and support for one per-head fee. We have found that videoconferencing, storage servers, and physical cameras and security also add value, so we offer these services as a supplement.

What technologies does Arium use?

Arium has carefully selected the strongest vendor offerings over the last eleven years. We partner with several NYC-based dedicated internet providers. Our network stack is powered by Ubiquiti. Device management and user accounting is run through Jumpcloud. Our conference rooms are Zoom-based, and cameras and access control are managed via Eagle Eye and Brivo, respectively. Storage servers are powered by Synology.

What are the benefits of the services that Arium offers?

Arium creates a secure technology stack that remains secure, can grow as fast as our clients grow, and is priced predictably.

Increase productivity and eliminate headaches

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How is Arium priced and termed?

We aim for lifetime partnerships with our clients – from seed stage to acquisition. Long-term contracts allow for planning and predictable budgeting as relationships grow.

All pricing is per-head, per month. There are no install fees or one-time capital expenditures. This makes it easy to scale costs with your workforce.

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